SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS Software, is launching whole new layer processing tools, inclusive of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.0, SuperGIS DataManager 3.0, and SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0. Users can rectify, manage, convert multiple common vector and raster layer formats, and also manage and process GIS data in an efficient way. The user-friendly and intuitive interface is the common characteristic of the three layer processing tools. Through only a few steps, users can easily complete the tasks.

SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.0
SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.0, the upgraded version of Image Rectification affiliated by SuperPad 2.x, is the application providing data rectification functions. Through SuperGIS DataRectification 3.0, you can utilize the feature or raster layer with the geodetic coordinate values to rectify the feature or raster layers without coordinate values or the layers with offset coordinate values through the six-parameter rectification method to create the corresponding coordinate values. Therefore, the rectified layers can be overlaid with other layers to reflect the real-world location.

New version of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.0 can not only rectify raster layers but also feature layers. As a result, the reliability and usability of feature layers can be significantly enhanced. Moreover, the whole new user interface of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.0 provides a more convenient environment for users to improve the working efficiency and accuracy.

SuperGIS DataManager 3.0
SuperGIS DataManager 3.0 is an application which helps you manage the layers. Due to the development of GIS, a number of GIS formats are used in the market. SuperGIS DataManager 3.0 supports most of the common feature and raster layers to be displayed, copied, moved, deleted, etc.

Meta-data provides the detailed description of spatial data which is extremely important for the users who use public data. SuperGIS DataManager 3.0 supports the function to build meta-data and includes hundreds of fields for you to define data, Your GIS data, consequently, can be more complete and more readable for all users.

SuperGIS DataManager 3.0 provides multiple condition search functions, such as search by location (extent of coordinates), date, or text. According to the types of the data, you can utilize the best search method to rapidly find the data you need.
SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0
SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 is a powerful data conversion tool, allowing several common file formats and the file formats defined by SuperGeo to convert to one another. Therefore, you can not only use the files in SuperGIS series products, but also convert the file formats defined by SuperGeo to other formats which can be used in other GIS software. Therefore, the compatibility problem can be solved and the data can be shared. Moreover, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 also integrates NRT Data Converter of SuperGIS 2 series. Thus, you can apply SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 to calculate the data for network analysis.

Compared with the old version of conversion tool, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 supports batch conversion so that you can convert several single files or all of the files in a specified folder. Thus, the time for converting files can be shortened, and your working efficiency can be improved as well.

In addition to converting vector layers and raster layers, SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.0 can facilitate you to convert the spatial reference coordinates of layers. Thus, you are able to convert the spatial reference coordinates while converting file formats.

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