SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS solutions, releases the new Taiwan electronic map service in SuperGIS Online this week.

SuperGIS Online is the GIS online services provided by SuperGeo Technologies. SuperGIS Server is the enterprise server to publish the GIS services and functions. In addition to the FORMOSA-II satellite images of Taiwan and Malaysia electric maps, SuperGIS online also provides the whole new Taiwan electronic map service.

The new version of Taiwan electronic map services contains abundant and up-to-date spatial data, including road signs, more than 130 thousand POI records, and complete traffic system data, such as roads in each level in Taiwan, Taipei Metro, Kaohsuing Metro, High Speed Railway, as well as Taiwan Railway. Therefore, users are allowed to apply the latest electronic map services anytime.

With abundant data, the high quality maps are also concerned by users in terms of GIS online services. Consequently, SuperGIS Online will offer the services overlaying Taiwan electronic maps with satellite images and the shaded relief maps to meet user needs in map display. As a result, the maps will look more realistic.

Since SuperGIS Server Desktop Client is the free extension of SuperGIS Desktop, the licensed SuperGIS Desktop enables users to utilize and display the GIS services provided by SuperGIS Online in SuperGIS Desktop.

If you would like to have the account and password to SuperGIS Online, please contact [email protected]

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