According to Managed workplace services researchers, IT outsourcing companies are the most steadily growing segment of the IT services market. Managed desktop services offered by specialized organizations to their clients currently include:-
Engineering solutions, including:
Construction and maintenance of structured cabling systems (SCS),
Creation and support of intelligent media systems,

Cloud solutions, including:
Creating a virtual office
Backup organization;
Network and server administration;
Technical support of workstations and IT services, web development;
Programming: web development, the creation of mobile systems;

Information security, including:
Creation and maintenance of access control systems for ports and devices,
Organization of anti-virus protection,
Decisions regarding network security and repelling threats,
Organization of video surveillance systems
What kind of information technology services will be provided to a company, its management and representatives of an outsourcing company specializing in their provision are agreed in advance? The decisive factor, in this case, remains the needs of the enterprise customer. On their basis, an outsourcer can make a list of necessary services and determine the level of quality of service. This will allow the client organization to abandon its unnecessary services and stop at the level of service that will be enough to ensure the smooth operation of its information infrastructure. This allows you to significantly optimize IT costs, which is especially important for most domestic companies.

Basic IT Services
Provision of IT outsourcing services can be carried out both in a one-time procedure and in the order of subscription service. The benefits of the latter are that the client enterprise can do without an internal IT department or without a full-time system administrator as part of subscription services, usually, include the following services:

Software installation;
Ensuring the operability of a computer network;
Optimization of the organization’s workstations;
Anti-virus diagnostics, protection, elimination of viruses and threats;
Maintenance work on server availability;
Advising users (by phone, e-mail, instant messengers, using Helpdesk or within the framework of a regular visit to an IT specialist);
Coordination of actions to eliminate failures in the network and office equipment;
Advice on the modernization of IT equipment and systems in general;
Device installation;
Support database (databases);
Providing support to the directory service;

Why does a company need hiring an IT Services Birmingham company?
1. Competitiveness
IT Outsourcing companies that specialize in software development will be able to provide quality results in a shorter period of time. Programmers work on the basis of hourly pay and do not waste time, which will allow you to bring the product to the market faster than competitors.

2. Save time and money
You do not need to immediately pay for all the work - you negotiate with the company the timing of interim payments. You save time and money that you would spend on recruiting, hiring, training, and providing jobs for short-term projects.

3. Reducing risks
Choose a reliable Managed workplace services company that has a reputation. They will take technical risks and provide a guarantee for the result. Work will be performed on an agreed schedule with clear deadlines.

4. Use of advanced technology
IT outsourcing companies compete with each other, it is vital for them to develop, follow the trends, and develop new tools & technologies. Choosing to outsource, you can count on an expert approach to development.

5. Short-term hiring
You get 2-in-1 qualified employees with the required skills and remuneration based on your demand. You will not only significantly reduce costs, but you will easily be able to terminate cooperation when the project is completed.
How to choose a company for IT outsourcing?
Start with ratings, select candidates by three main criteria- experience, process, and price.

1. Experience
How long has the IT outsourcing company been on the market? Is there experience in implementing projects for your industry? If the answers are positive, then in addition to the main bonuses, the company-developer will quickly do the work, and also help you avoid common mistakes related to the software implementation.

2. The process
Software development is a long process. Therefore, you need to make sure that all stages of development are explained and understood. A common vision and comfortable communication is the key to success.

3. Price
Do not pursue a low price! If the price tag is 30-50% lower than the market average, this is a reason for doubt. Initially saving on development, you can subsequently spend a lot on eliminating bugs and flaws.

When concluding an agreement, the type of contract is usually stipulated (the hourly pay of the actual hours worked or the fixed price for the entire contract), the settlement procedure and the amount of the prepayment.