Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. The majority of job seekers have traditional resumes, having a Hi-Tech Resume will show a perspective employer that you are willing to take extra time and effort and that your job search is very important to you.

You are on the cutting edge--not just doing the status quo. Put a face and personality with a name. You have the chance to make a lasting impression that plain black and white words do not. Employers can instantly see the kind of 'life' that you would bring to their organization and if you'd make a good fit. It will allow you to be more confident knowing that employer already knows who you are before you have the formal interview.

Hi-Tech Resumes is the solution to the question ask by many job seekers.

Hi-Tech Resumes provides a solution to the nagging question asked by job seekers; How do I know my resume is being reviewed? I never get a response.

Hi-Tech Resumes uses web technology along with flash video streaming directly embedded in the document itself. If a potential employer opens the document and accesses the multimedia content then the resume has been accessed. Now, a user will be able to tell that their resume is at least being reviewed.

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