When pc tablets were granted to Buford Middle School pupils a couple of months ago, school became far more exciting, stated eighth-grader Banks Northington.

With pc tablets devices has emerged a new method of sourcing and delivering applications and content and the emergence of 'app stores'. Again, these stores have been made for the customer market and as such do not allow schools to use conventional methods of purchasing and licensing and may not provide content aligned to the teaching curriculum.

The pc tablets won't replace traditional printed textbooks. As popular as tablet pc's have become since Apple revealed the iPad in 2010, textbook producers haven't yet adopted this channel.

I believe that iPads and other tablet pcs for kids do hold tremendous potential as educational tools due to their relatively low cost, intuitive user interfaces, and the mobility and versatility they offer.

Social networking websites, for example Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest Bebo, plus much more, are more and more utilized by people and organizations to construct strong online networks. Academic organizations are joining like-minded communities, as found on these social media sites, to be able to discuss about their product or service.

Computer use also needs to be taught to kids early. Learning Microsoft office is a must. Ask them to write their journal on the computer for instance, get them to mess around using PowerPoint when they have school projects, show them Publisher, etc. All these are vital skills.

What is great is the tablet pcs for kids will store a record of the pupils turned in assignments so nothing can go awry with a teacher losing an important assignment and the student getting a fail for that assignment because it's the teachers word against theirs.

All operating systems have programs designed for them. You will find apps for Windows, iOS and Android. What makes these applications all the more popular is the ubiquitous nature of Android phones. Millions of them ship each month. The best part of using these applications for education is that they are highly cost effective. Many applications are available for free download to use with best kids tablet pcs.

Tablet technology will evolve and change rapidly, far faster than we have seen with previous technological know-how. We will see new applications, new hardware, lower costs and ultimately new uses of this highly adaptive and intuitive engineering.