Pond algae are singled celled plant organisms that thrive in damp areas, stagnant water, and shallow garden ponds. They are also called pond scum because of their bad impact on the quality of water. In severe cases of algae growth, your garden pond will look like a green murk and will become very unsightly. One of the best ways to control algae is to install pond UV filters. You must also keep the pond clean by maintaining good water circulation and utilizing plants to prevent the algae from blooming. It is very important to prevent the growth algae in your garden pond. These organisms have hazardous impact on humans, animals, and fish.

Pond algae can make the water and the surrounding environment toxic. These single celled organisms contain plant toxins and bacterial toxins. When the cells breakdown, these toxins are released in the water and in the air. So you will be exposed to harmful and toxic elements if you allow uncontrollable algae growth in your pond. The toxins can also kill your fish. You have to remember that a garden fish pond can produce algae faster than a simple garden pond without fish. So you have to exert extra effort in preventing algae growth in order to keep your fish and your garden environment healthy. That is why it is important to install pond UV filter in order to avoid the hazardous effects of algae bloom.

Pond algae can also produce a distinct smell. At the first onset of growth, when the algae are still fresh, the pond water and the surrounding environment swill smell like grass and soil. You may not notice it at first but as the algae continue to bloom, the smell will become stronger. As the bloom gets older, the smell of grass will be replaced by a distinct stench of garbage. This is a very foul smell that will make you uncomfortable. Your neighbors will also get mad at you for allowing algae to bloom because the stench can be carried by air. So instead of having a garden paradise, you will have a garden dump if you will not prevent the growth of algae in your pond. Again, pond UV filter is a very handy device that can effectively stop the growth algae. A pond UV filter will kill algae on contact so this device is a must-have in order to keep your garden pond cleaner.

Lastly, you can experience skin irritations if you get in contact with algae infested water. Remember that algae can release harmful toxins when cells breakup. These toxins will remain in the pond for some time especially if the water is stagnant. The least that you can experience is skin itching. In worse cases, contact with scum water cause eye itching, skin rashes and skin infections. What you should do is to wash off the scum with fresh and clean water. Use anti bacterial soap in order to totally eliminate complications that can be caused by infected water. In order to avoid this kind of hazard, you really have to keep your garden pond clean by installing pond UV filters.

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