Toronto, Canada, November 24, 2009 -- is a Consumer Protection service assisting families to assure that beneficiaries receive their life insurance benefits.
Everyone knows of someone who has passed away. Did they have life insurance? Are you sure they did not? What if they did and you could not find it or you did not even know? Do you know where to go to find it? Did you know that there is no such place? Until now...
There is no single government statistic or study that shows it, but many unqualified estimates by insurance industry critics claim that there is nearly $1 billion in unpaid life insurance policies.
There are over 1500 life insurance companies in the United States alone! This number does not include the many located across Canada, in either case, they have no obligation to contact the beneficiary when you pass away.
“The reason you won‘t see a stat about it is because the insurance industry associations gain nothing by publicizing the fact,” said insurance expert Michael Hartmann. “In fact, insurance companies don‘t even have a department that handles unclaimed policies. They just let them remain unclaimed. After all, why should they pay it out if they don‘t have to?”
How would they even know that you have passed away unless someone tells them? They would have to call every beneficiary and ask if the insured person has passed away. Sure they send a delinquent payment notice to the address on record, however, what if the address was not changed when someone moved? This happens everyday. And if it is a paid up policy there will be no delinquent payment notices. It is said, unofficially that over 25% of life insurance policies go unclaimed due to the beneficiary not knowing where to look or not even knowing that there is a policy.
The old way of just writing it down and handing a piece of paper or copy of the policy to the beneficiary does not seem to be working. This is a major problem that is recognized only when it is too late. There has to be a central database where an insured person can list the company name that holds their life insurance and allows a beneficiary to search that database. is a low risk solution that solves any doubt of losing the benefits of life insurance. It is a service for everyone and anyone who has or will be getting Life Insurance. The service includes optional pricing structures which would fit into anyones budget. solves this problem. Take a look and join the many that have secured their family‘s future with this low risk and inexpensive solution.

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