Spreety TV Online announces a fun way to integrate online TV with your web site.

Los Angeles,

When Microsoft architected Windows Communication Foundation, little did they know it would be this much fun.

The flexibility of WCF enabled Spreety TV Online to cost effectively implement the Open Spreety project. Spreety tracks the legal places to watch TV, news, sports, and movies online, and the Open Spreety project shares the links with everyone via services for reuse into their web sites and blogs.

While Spreety utilized WCF, other web sites can use a variety of service technologies, including WCF, Web Services, and Javascript, giving people the empowerment for best fit opportunities.

For example, a web site about the 1950‘s could spice up their site with links to 1950‘s TV shows. The same is true for genre web sites, like western, science fiction, home & garden, sports, mystery, and more.

Fan sites of TV shows would enjoy the zero maintenance aspect of the online TV links. For example, ABC, NBC, and FOX recently changed their links for watching TV shows, and the Spreety database kept in synch. Certain shows switched from one place to another, like Pushing Daisies (ABC to WB) and Medium (NBC to CBS), and the Spreety database kept in synch.

“When I learned service oriented architecture (SOA), the available examples were boring”, according to Spreety co-founder Ron Laughton. “Working with online TV via services is much more fun. I would encourage programmers everywhere to try out the Web Services and WCF with Spreety.”

Training videos and a custom code generator are available at the following link: http://www.spreety.com/Membership-APIs.aspx

The WSDL is at the following link: http://ws.spreety.com/TvOnline2009.svc?wsdl

If you would like to learn more about free TV online, please visit Spreety TV Online at the http://Spreety.com site.