In the second quarter of 2009, Mavenz - an upcoming consulting and technology services company based in Goa, India - launched Kenlighten, a first of it's kind social learning network. The vision behind Kenlighten is to help people all around the world to share their knowledge in the form of online tutorials that can be created by them using simple, easy-to-use tools. Members can learn new skills from each other and at the same time grow their social network by getting to know other members.

Kenlighten is fast catching up within the social networking community who are not only looking to build and grow their business and personal connections, but are also keen on learning new skills and upgrading their existing skills. Some users are excited by the simplicity of the tools available here to create their online tutorials. These tools include automatic conversion of videos, audio podcasts, articles, e-books and presentations into flash format with special software to view each file format. Users can also create online presentations using the Kenlighten Presentation tool which boasts to be as good, if not better than, similar online tools provided by Internet giants.

The Kenlighten platform presents a great opportunity for knowledge providers, or Gurus, as they are referred to at Kenlighten, to reach out to a wider audience with their tutorials and build their personal brand as subject matter experts. Such Gurus stand to earn much higher commissions than they may earn otherwise from most publishers. The Gurus can also view all users who have purchased or subscribed to their tutorials and keep in touch with them and vice versa allowing for direct communications between the Guru and the subscribers. At Kenlighten, the Guru may choose to give away tutorials for free too.

Kenlighten also allows users to create communities of practice to discuss topics of interest and ask questions to each other, thus, complementing the online learning experience. A special job listing feature is scheduled to be released shortly that will allow recruiters to post job offers to members of Kenlighten.

Kenlighten is an ideal online destination for teachers, educators, corporate trainers, speakers and subject matter experts to share their knowledge, gain greater visibility within the community and generate new income. Companies that are into e-Learning can also benefit by becoming corporate members of Kenlighten for which they can directly contact Mavenz for more details on potential partnerships.

Kenlighten can be accessed at Basic individual membership to Kenlighten is absolutely free and networking is open at Kenlighten.

About Mavenz:

Mavenz is a management and technology services company developing innovative web-based services focused on people and processes. With its services and solutions, Mavenz allows companies to decrease the cost and complexity required to run large enterprise systems using breakthrough technologies.

Apart from providing consulting services, Mavenz also provides a best-in-class ERP software - Mavenz Elixir - currently being used by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India and is the creator of Mavenz iPeepal - a HR Software as a Service (SaaS) that covers a whole gamut of HR functions.

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