According to a recent study by a university, it is found that in spite of the development and upliftment of women since decades, women remain a distinct minority when it comes to the boardroom and executive suites of Los Angeles‘s largest companies. 9 out of every 10 top management and board positions in any executive suites in Los Angeles are held by men. The ration is unchanged since the last five years according to an annual survey created by a women business school at Los Angeles every year. Surveys found that the top 7 companies at Los Angeles have no women at the top, neither in their boardroom nor in their executive suites offices.

It is proved scientifically as well as statistically that women are good at multitasking and they make better entrepreneurs as compared to men. But for the first time it was tried to find out the consequences of gender inequity. And the findings suggest that executive suites at Los Angeles with a fair share of women as executives and board members are more socially responsible.Director of a company with nearly 30% of women executives in Los Angeles said “In today‘s global market, where different backgrounds, diverse skills and experience are critical for any operational decision in company, having more women involved at highest level of business is likely to result in favor of business. Presence of more women in the executive suites will result in a well-managed and socially responsible business. Our aim is to include more and more woman in top hierarchy of management.”

In a progressive state like Los Angeles, such a scenario is disappointing. Women are still struggling to find their position in executive suites boardrooms.Many researchers are now concentrating to find out the consequence of gender inequity in the behavior of company‘s growth. The given data gives us a small idea of women‘s corporate position in Los Angeles. However, the scenario around the world is not different. We need serious efforts to change this scenario
and provide women the position they deserve.

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