United Kingdom. Sep 28, 2012. Sticks And Stones (S & S) is a leading flooring solution provider and now they are introducing the special discounts with stone flooring for residential apartments.

An ideal residential flooring is to be non slippery, tough and durable and elegant. And a good stone flooring surrey installation service has a major role to play in enhancing the overall aesthetics with the flooring of the homes.

Sticks and stones is a leading flooring firm and they can help with the installation of flooring to perfection in your homes. They have a team of experienced flooring experts and also own all the latest equipment and tools for better installation of wood and stone floorings.

Anyone who is planning construction or wants the home renovation done with the flooring can simply go with sticks and stones flooring company. For more details and information about their company and their services log on to their website http://www.sandsflooring.co.uk or can simply call their experts at 01306 519332 for any consultation or quotes.