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On the coming August 22 ,2009 , Lee Hom will hold his Music-Man World Tour-Peking Station in Beijing !! “In this world tour , I will become a new member of superheros such as superman , batman and spiderman—the MUSIC-MAN”,said Lee Hom .
Apart from his beautiful singing , Lee Hom will add a special part to memorize Michael Jackson . As Lee Hom said , the ceremony to honor Michael Jackson will be really serious . “We should be understandable to everyone no matter who he is . I think it unfair of some medium to say bad things of Michael Jackson . So I will momorize him seriously .”
In this singing tour , Lee Hom will present us his latest masterpiece , The Only One and Hear My Voice are included . What‘s more , he will sing one of Michael Jackson‘s songs Man In The Mirror in this concert .
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