For fans of S.T. Coleridge poetry, there's a new Xanadu on the block! Xanadu FWS - a premier academic freelance writing provider -recently launched its website in an endeavour to make its much sought after services available at a global scale.

The company, with its aim to offer writers worldwide a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a variety of academic topics, started its recruitment procedure for online talent on 13th August; coinciding it with the website's launch.

The website explains in detail each issue that a freelance writer working at Xanadu would be concerned with, and it does so in an elegant, organized and concise manner.

A huge market exists for skilled professional writers, but that not everyone has the resources necessary to reap the economic benefits of this talent. Xanadu is a firm that is dedicated to bringing forth the talent of these budding writers. In a very novel approach to business management, the company regards its writers as partners rather than mere employees, which means that writers can choose to discuss company matters with the senior management and suggest changes as part of their job scope.

Writers@Xanadu as the employee body is referred to in the firm's parlance is a group of extremely talented and passionate writers; each an expert in his or her own field of interest.

In meeting the unique needs of a clientele that extends from high school students to doctoral scholars, Writers@Xanadu develop term papers, essays, dissertations, and a wide range of other academic materials. The entire freelance process from ordering till submission and follow-up is dealt with online.

The site serves as a portal where hired writers can view available orders on the assignment boards, and sign up for orders which best suit their skills, schedule and interests. And, as is emphasized by the company's administration, writers can sign up for orders as and when they wish, which in turn gives them immense flexibility in prioritizing and deciding for themselves how much they want to work and earn in a given time period.

Through a unique system of ranks, medals and recognition, Xanadu encourages efficiency and healthy competition amongst its writers. A twitter follow-up, a free dictionary, private note-making facility, book recommendations, a personalized e-mail account, and a little library of useful tools for writers are some of the attractions of this website that are not provided by other well-off firms in the industry.

In addition, this company has one of the highest pay-rate schedules in the writing industry, and payments are made once a month via secure online transaction vendors like PayPal, Xoom and Western Union.

If you have a flair for writing, if you are unsatisfied with your job and income, or if you are willing to put your writing skills to test, then Writing@Xanadu is the place for you! It is where you get to take charge of your professional life and find your dream freelance writing job.

As the Xanadu administration puts it, "We expect out writers to demonstrate through their work that they understand the four core company values of Quality, Originality, Dedication and Integrity. That is basically all that we ask of our writers. As long as this code of conduct is followed, the rest falls into place without much effort."

This is a job that can expand your mind, improve your social status, and broaden your opportunities- all in one stroke!

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