USA - Maintaining the logistic workflow and having real-time access to order statuses are the two biggest factors in ecommerce fulfillment, and Y3PL Software fills the void now with their Y3PL warehouse Management System version 1.0. The company realized the challenges faced by the third-party warehousing and logistics management companies all across the world and adopted an integrated approach toward ecommerce fulfillment while designing their 3PL software

“Hiring third-party logistics companies becomes an imperative for most mid-size and large businesses and the onus of efficient supply chain management is on the warehouse management companies. Therefore, these companies need to build the right capacity to offer the most cost-effective solutions to their clients. Our ecommerce fulfillment software would definitely help the 3PL companies around the world to provide strategic assistance to their clients”, said a chief software developer while speaking on behalf of Y3PL.

The developer also said that their 3PL warehouse software would provide a helicopter view of demand and supply status to plan the future supply. The software also arrays the data related to unexpected surges, peaks, and unexpected demands and the suppliers and warehouse managers do not get caught off the guard, claimed the developer.

“Our 3PL software renders the required logistics expertise. The development team at Y3PL Software has extensive experience and logistics expertise. We know that the third party logistics companies need to analyze the supply chain and our centralized 3PL management system has all the tool and resources for this type of companies”, added the executive while talking to the press. He also claimed that the setup and training are particularly easy and the business managers do not need to invest a lot of time in training their new recruits.

The CEO of Y3PL Software said that they are committed to updating and upgrading the software in the days to come. “Our software based system will be updated at regular intervals and existing users do not have to pay extra for a necessary upgrade”, said the CEO and managing director. He even mentioned that add-on modules, different packages and premium support are available for all their clients.

About the Company

Y3PL Software is into development and marketing of warehouse management software systems.

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