There is so much information, probably too much information, surrounding personal injury and in particular whiplash claims, available via the internet today. The new whiplash claim solicitors web site has straightforward advice provided by SGM Solicitors in Stockport, car accident claim specialists.

Nathan Jones a spokesman for the web site said: “Anyone involved in a car accident can make a whiplash claim. That includes passengers in the car and passengers who are under 18 years of age. As with any other process involving under 18 year olds, their parents can make a claim on their behalf.”

“Another and perhaps off putting misconception surrounding whiplash claims in particular is that you must visit a doctor before you can proceed with your claim. This is untrue and many solicitors, including SGM Solicitors, can start a claim as soon as you contact them if the accident was not your fault.”

“With our no win no fee policy this means we do not charge you for our services because all our fees are paid for by the other party‘s insurance company. That is why we will not take on your claim unless, in our professional opinion, we think there is a good chance you will win compensation.”

Nathan Jones continued “When dealing with a whiplash claim you should never be asked to sign up for a loan or credit of any kind and we will only advise you to start a whiplash claim if we believe you stand a very good chance of receiving compensation for your accident. This is why we are specialist claims solicitors.”

One of the many benefits of dealing with SGM is that you will deal direct; you will not have to wait for other 3rd party companies because SGM are not a claims management company. SGM Solicitors provide specialist whiplash claim help direct, cutting out the claims management companies.

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