Dallas, Texas, October 31, 2017 — Author Linda Tomai Duong’s new bestseller, CONNECTION – The Currency to Happiness: Access Your Happiness. Right Here. Right Now! asks this burning question: “Are you searching for the kind of happiness that enables you to feel true contentment, the kind that allows you to feel secure, loved, connected, and calm, with inner joy and inner peace?”

Readers will discover many little gold nuggets to help them realize that happiness is ready to be awakened inside them so they can access it along with increased well-being.  External layers of happiness – financial success, fancy houses and cars – will not complete a person and they will feel something is missing. Achievements and possessions can disappear or be taken assay at a moment’s notice, and with it, one’s happiness. Duong states, “Happiness is not a destination but resides in our hearts” and “Happiness that is dependent on external factors can quickly be replaced by feelings of loss, frustration, anger, resentment and even sadness.”

Duong wrote this book because she couldn’t find a book that was simple in understanding the concept of happiness. Duong decided to write her book in a way that she could share the joy of uncovering and accessing happiness in a most simple and profound way. In reading this book, readers will discover a new way of accessing happiness, a way to achieve happiness – the inner joy and inner peace, their true heartfelt contentment without depending on others or external circumstances to provide it, a way to access it immediately from within themselves, here and now.

Linda Duong is an inspirational speaker, author, and thought leader in happiness and connection. She is an in-demand parenting and life coach who has helped many of her clients to attain and re-ignite their happiness by connecting with themselves, with others and with the universe.

Linda has been interviewed by industry peer leaders in the field of coaching and featured on national television, global radio broadcast, and in leading newspapers and magazines. She has traveled the world and connects with multicultural individuals and groups beyond the spoken language.

Linda’s mission in life is to help others to attain their ultimate and unique happiness because “Happiness is the most treasured form of wealth.”

Linda Tomai Duong is available for interviews.

CONNECTION – The Currency to Happiness: Access Your Happiness. Right Here. Right Now! is available on Amazon.com

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