April 10, 2010 - You receive free access to mortgage acceleration and debt elimination software from your mortgage broker. This software retails for $1,000 but you pay nothing. You input your numbers and up pops your results. That 27 year mortgage can now be paid off in 15.5 years and you can potentially save $110,000 in future mortgage interest! What was once a heavy burden suddenly becomes lighter. You finally have a plan. A systematic approach to help you become financially free!

This is the feeling that your business can give to your clients today. We are offering a new incentive program to businesses in Canada and the United States who would like to not just increase their businesses revenues and referral base, but also to make a difference in people‘s lives. Our program allows you to touch 1000 of your clients, friends, families, employees or associates lives by giving away access to our web based mortgage acceleration and debt elimination software. Your business, by partnering with us, will be able to give away 1 million dollars worth of software per year.

George Hutchings, owner of the Finish Wealthy Group Inc. has created a program that will be limited to the number of businesses that can participate. In Canada for example, the license will only be sold to 12,500 businesses. The Finish Wealthy Group Inc. feels that the businesses that will benefit the most from this incentive program include Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Financial Professionals, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investors or any other organization that would like to dramatically increase its referral network.

As a special benefit, businesses will also be able to give away Vacation Certificates. These are 2 Night 3 Day Vacations for 2 at one of over 22 resorts. The client will have a very low redemption fee to take advantage of this.

Now is the time to act. Contact the Finish Wealthy Group Inc by visiting http://www.jvsolutionsplus.com or http://www.yourmortgagegone.com and speak with one of our agents today. There is no better way to differentiate your business from your competition, increase sales, or make a difference in people‘s lives then by teaming up with us and taking advantage of the all new Finish Wealthy Debt Eliminator Incentive Program.

For more, visit http://www.jvsolutionsplus.com or http://www.yourmortgagegone.com

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