I'm going to show you how to re-fill your smokeless cigarette atomizer A.K.A an tankomizer. So let's begin by discussing the actual electric cigarette clearomizer. If you see on the electronic cigarette clearomizer, on top of their is a silicon bun. Underneath the small hole there's a coil. That's the hole were going to be using to fill the e cigarette clearomizer up, use a blunt needle to fill the bottle. There's a small hole there you see & half way through it was actually punctured with the blunt needle.

What we're going to do is take this needle off of the filling bottle and select your E juice, take the lid off of your E-juice. Simply remove the cap off of that. Grab the lid & screw the blunt filling needle on tight & nice to avoid any leaks.

The following step we want to grab our e cigarette clearomizer and insert it firmly into the hole. Making sure you thrust through the silicone to make a hole to fill. Then, we just want to squeeze the E-juice bottle. Making sure that the E-juice runs in. It absorbs by the wick hanging down on either side. This grabs the E juice up into the coil then your vapor is created by your smokeless cigarette. That's relatively simple, poke the needle out. The silicone hole below the large hole at the top actually seals itself because it's elastic. Some of these are equipped with a small rubber bun. If you're able to replace it then do so.

Then that's how you refill your vapor cigarette tankomizer. Next thing to do is to take the protective sleeve over the clearomizer. There is usually a tiny window there so you can notice how much E-juice you have left. Next, just push the sleeve down to hold it in place for your electronic cig. Then your all ready to vape, enjoy.

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