Many make the mistake that saline breast implants do not provide a full and natural appearance. According to reports, 69% who undergone breast augmentation chose to use silicone implants believing that it provide the best looking result.

Contrary to this popular notion, saline breast implants can exude the natural results patients look for. While cosmetic surgeons agree that silicone gel mimics natural fats and tissues, saline breast implants are still a good choice. It's just a matter of positioning the implants at the right location.

Filled with sterile water solution, saline implants usually come in small to moderate sizes which are within or below 300 cubic centimeters. This is the more advisable range to prevent the risks of what cosmetic surgeons call sloshing effect. Also, large implants tend to give a dome-shaped appearance which is very unnatural.

For some reasons, patients initially prefer using large implants. However, any credible cosmetic surgeon would agree that it's a problematic option especially to those who have not much fat and tissue in the area. Using large implants also makes the patient at risk for visible rippling which again, contributes to a fake finish.

To get the most natural look, breast augmentation patients should make use of the right implants. Most doctors also agree that the the right placement of the implants greatly contributes to the over-all result of the procedure.

Patients with smaller frames and are small-breasted who want to use saline implants are advised to have the implant under the muscle. The positioning lessens the risks of wrinkling on saline implants. Since the whole shell is covered by the muscle, the result would be more natural.

Generally, saline implants are the best option for patients with more tissue and fat. This ensures that there is more coverage for the implants thus reducing any wrinkling or rippling. Reports suggest that there seems to be no visible and recognizable major difference on the use of saline and silicone implants. It's just a matter of having fuller coverage through tissues and fats.

During consultation, cosmetic surgeons carefully examine the sizes of the breasts and chest to cover all variables before the procedure. This enables them to determine the different anatomical feature of every patient that also affects the results of the procedure.

Breast augmentation patients should relay their goals and expectations accordingly to their doctors. They should let their cosmetic surgeon know the result they want to achieve. This way professionals could recommend the best and most natural results.

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