It is no secret that restaurant managers are a breed apart. Their success depends on so many intangible factors that it is impossible to clearly define what the job entails. Many of the great managers break all the rules to drive their restaurants to become a local hot spot for customers. This doesn't mean we cannot find some common denominators shared by the best in their field.

Do you have what it takes to be a restaurant manager? Are you tapping all your potential? Many talented individuals shy away of going for the plum jobs in the restaurant industry because they measure their qualifications by the 'norms' and we all know that there is nothing normal in the restaurant industry.

Hold the Reigns Tight - Then Let Go

If there is one thing a great manager can do it is clearly define every step of every task - then step aside and let synergy take over. They know their strengths and draw on their unique talents to create a bigger than life persona that their team will follow without question.

Then, they know when to let go and allow everyone from the Chef to the waiters do what they do best. They have a 'rewarding production' mentality. No team member is over looked for their contribution. In this manner they pass responsibility for performance to each employee.

Honor Diversity

Great managers appreciate diversity in their team. They recognize that 'helping people become more of who they are', is the secret to motivation and success. Each person has unique strengths that will support their success. When each individual feels successful and fulfilled in their job the whole team performs better.

Communication is the Key

Many great managers admit that they've gone beyond personality and temperament testing when choosing employees. They learn about communication styles. They get into their employees heads. Even if they don't have time to work with everyone, they make sure that each supervisor at each level has the training needed to be effective problem solvers.

Many problems can be solved by knowing how to speak to people. By changing a few words in a sentence, or showing instead of telling, can make all the difference. The focus is always to avoid toxic communication and really listen to people. They will give you the secret to managing them.

Taking communication courses and learning to listen can empower a manager with tools needed to solve problems that seemed possible, and were handled by firing a person.

Place the Right People in the Right Job

So many times a person comes into the restaurant industry for a paycheck. They may accept any job. A great restaurant manager is able to encourage them to try new things, expand their job, take on new tasks. This helps identify an employee's strengths and weaknesses.

This requires some hands on experience at every position in the restaurant. There may not be time for every manager to work at every job, but watching and listening can open eyes.

They make time

Every manager wishes for a 30 hour day. There is never enough time. A great restaurant manager is able to organize and delegate, opening up the time to take care of those intangible problems that seem insurmountable for the average manager.

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