There is a quote system in Iraq that distributes power among the number of different forces scattered in the war-damaged country. This quota system however leaves the Iraqi citizens as the sole victims in the situation.

From 2003, the allied forces stationed in Iraq have been in competition when it comes to sharing the country's booty. Iraq is a country rich not only in oil but also in various resources. The country's masterpieces and archaeological treasures that date back since the ancient times were looted.

At present, the country is run by authority using outside orders while practicing similar policy of persecution and repression of Iraqi citizens, which was adopted by Iraq's former regime.

Based on the international statistics, a large number of Iraqis fled the country for fear and escaped religious persecutions being administered by some groups. The Iraqi Christian diaspora provides the perfect example of the existence of religious oppression in the country. Because of the said systemic punishment, large numbers of the Iraqi families who have intermarried, such as Shiite and Sunni Muslims, were dispersed within and even outside the country.

In 2003, the country was invaded under the alleged reason that it was hiding "weapons of mass destructions". Later, the excuse was rebuffed by the US team assigned to verify the Iraqi weapons.

It became clear that Iraq was invaded for the main purpose of reshaping the Arab world map and eliminating national unity. With the absence of such unity, taking over the rich oil wells and stealing other valuable resources and assets become possible.

Memories of the times when antiques and historical manuscripts from Iraqi museums were being taken away by black cars still remain fresh. Despite the workers' attempt to stop the thieves and preserve the country's precious and rich human heritage, the looters still succeeded.

Several political parties receive support from world powers however the act is viewed as manipulation of the people's emotions that can fuel internal conflict similar to the "Divide and Rule" policy that the British Empire has adopted since 16th century. This same propaganda is being implemented in Syria nowadays.

It is important for the Arabs to learn a lesson or two from the various events that happened in Iraq and also in Lebanon, which were brought about by sectarianism and a number of social diseases. The Arab societies will be destroyed by sectarianisms if they continue to remain silent. Foreign powers turn their friendly relations with other countries such as the Arab countries into messy political conflicts to gain access to the countries' wealthy resources.

The Arab nations must remember past mistakes and learn from them so as not to suffer the same fate as Iraq.

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