You either love your body or you don't and these days far too many people are professing the latter, so learn to dress right, pick clothes which fit your frame and make you feel positive in your own form. If you have body issues that have haunted you forever then many people head for a consultation with LA plastic surgeons, and though they may see this as a quick fix, it is more important to put you and your needs before what anyone else may think.

Labels are not helpful here, though if you ask for help in a store or online this is what you will receive. Chances are you will be told you are pear shaped, or an apple or hourglass and therefore there are only certain waistlines or patterns that you should be purchasing. This is wrong. Go out to any clothes store and try on the sexy, the comfortable and the downright outrageous, because only you can find the right clothes to flatter your body and make you look as confident as you deserve to feel.

Your body shape no longer exists. Poof! Gone. Study your form and see that your body is comprised of attributes, some of which you'll like and some you'll hate. Or better yet, consult your LA cosmetic surgeon. For those characteristics you wish to draw attention from, here is some simple advice. If you have small breasts then stay away from boob tubes or floaty tops as these just accentuate the absence, and remember that there are all kinds of bras out there if you feel in need of a boost. If large breasts are knocking your confidence then remove clingy items, noisy patterns and low necklines from your basket. Again, this is something your LA cosmetic surgeon can work on.

Bums are an easy fix, just stay away from patterns or large pockets, whether ample or lacking in that department. Waists give many women grief, but don't just cover them behind large belts; try out fitted jackets or blazers and rumpled shirts. Divert attention from thighs by choosing darker colored, plain jeans or trousers and ditch the leggings in return for mid length skirts and sexy heels, which do wonders for confidence as well as your legs. If not even these tips can cure your body blues then don't be afraid to consult your LA plastic surgeon.

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