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Five Blocks Launches WikiAlerts™, empowering companies to fight vandalism on Wikipedia

Digital reputation management company Five Blocks, Inc. launches its WikiAlerts application, ensuring that companies and individuals are the first to know when their Wikipedia pages are edited. Wikialerts also allows users to quickly revert vandalism to Wikipedia in near real-time. Monitoring changes to corporate or executive Wikipedia pages is an essential component of reputation management. […]

Significance of Mobile Websites

Merely having a website might not be enough to keep your organization ahead of the competition these days. In fact, many estimate that by 2013, more individuals will be using mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops to access the Internet. Even though accessing the Internet via mobile devices is typical, it is not always […]

Outdated SEO Techniques

When it comes to optimizing a website, it can usually seem like there are as many opinions as there are specialists in the field. Countless search engine optimization firms offer services to companies who would like to optimize their site and manage their online presence. However, some of these firms have become so ingrained in […]

Getting More Customers through Your Website

There are a few essential features that will make all the difference between a successful website and one that is a time-wasting placeholder. No matter how careful a business owner is, they may rapidly come to find out that any money and energy that they have invested into their website is not generating long-lasting or […]

Just Having a Website is Not Enough Anymore

Research that was carried out at the beginning of 2012 has shown that there are more than 644 million active websites in existence now. These sites cover every topic and industry plausible, and each is competing for the top spots on the search engine result pages. This means that merely having a website is no […]

What is Web Development?

Some business owners are aware of the importance of having an effective and valuable website, but some are unsure of how to invest into a site that truly works for them. This has resulted in numerous pages falling by the wayside while competition may be enjoying the advantages of a high ranking and effective site. […]

Importance of Professional Pay Per Click Management

For any businesses that have recently set out to explore the world of online marketing and advertising, it may usually seem like an overwhelming or completely unaffordable task. There are numerous options and strategies to choose from, and this means that many business owners end up wasting their own time as well as their money. […]

Different Internet Marketing Methods

Creating a powerful online presence for one’s business is one of the most effective and affordable manners in which to advertise products, garner interest in a company, and get new customers and clients. This process can be a difficult and likely expensive one for those that are hesitant of the proper methods for internet marketing, […]

Benefits of Directory Submission for SEO

The only way in which a business can enjoy the advantages of manageable growth is by keeping a very close eye on their marketing and advertising campaigns. This aspect of one’s company will often mean the difference between success and falling behind the competition, and this is why more individuals than ever are now turning […]